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The Well Homeschool Drop-Off Program

Policies & Procedures 2017-2018

Supply List

You will need to purchase a few supplies for your child such as pencils, erasers, crayons, folders, notebooks, etc. A complete list will be available in the Parent Portal which you will receive access to upon completion of registration.

Dress Code

We want children to come to school in clothes they can play and exercise in comfortably (girls will need pants/shorts under skirts in order to participate in PE activities). We also ask that all children wear comfortable closed toe shoes. In addition to this we also ask that children refrain from wearing spaghetti strap t-shirts as well as t-shirts which display writings or pictures that may be offensive to others.


Payment is due at drop off on the first school day of the month. A 5% late fee will be assessed for all payments received thereafter. Continually paying tuition considerably late is grounds for removal from the program.

Accepted forms of payment are: ACH, debit/credit, cash, personal check or money order. In the event of a returned check parents will be responsible for a $25.00 returned check fee. All future payments must be made by cash or money order. Unless paying cash, receipts will be furnished only upon request

Full tuition is due each month of each semester your child attends The Well, regardless of the number of days your child attends that month.


We ask that all children be respectful to other children and adults. No name calling or teasing or bullying of any kind will be tolerated. Children are asked to refrain from talking back and making disrespectful comments to the teachers and/or adults in charge. Children who disobey the classroom rules or exhibit the behaviors listed above will be removed from the classroom and asked to take a time out. Repeated offenses may result in parents being called and removal from the program.

Facebook (private group)

We ask that comments on Facebook be free of gossip, negativity and/or criticism.

We also ask that comments be relevant to homeschooling; however we also welcome all prayer requests and family needs. Facebook may also be used to sale, give or trade items, it may also be used to share/recommend businesses. If you choose to opt out of using Facebook that is fine, but we ask all families sign up for text messaging in the event we need to send out an urgent message.

Parent Portal

Please check the online announcements for updates weekly. This is our main mode of communication. Be sure to RSVP to events two weeks in advance so we can have an accurate count.

Sick Policy

We ask that you do not bring your child to school with any known contagious illnesses. This includes a runny nose or cough with green or yellow mucus, diarrhea, an unknown or contagious rash, and an elevated fever within 24 hours.


In the event of an emergency evacuation, we will relocate next door and await parent pick-up. We do have fire drills twice a year to prepare in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Bad Weather

In the event of a necessary closure due to severe weather, we will cancel classes and contact parents. All children will remain indoors and await parent pick-up. If severe weather happens prior to the school day and travel to school would be hazardous. Classes will be cancelled and parents will receive notice via Facebook and Text messaging.


We ask that all families commit to an entire semester upon enrolling. The full tuition for each semester will be due regardless of the amount of days the child attends that semester. A decision to forgo enrollment of the spring semester will not result in penalty as long as the director is informed in writing 30 days prior to the last day of classes of the fall semester. If no notice is given your contract will automatically be renewed for the Spring semester. The break contract fee is $200 or the tuition for the remainder of the semester (whichever is less)


We do not personally offer tutoring services, but can give referrals and offer our facility for attending students during school hours, but do not take responsibility for these sessions.


A $60.00 per child supply fee is due at the time of enrollment to hold your child’s spot. The second supply fee of $60 per child for the spring semester is due December 1st, 2017. $45 a year per family is due at time of enrollment for registration fee

Items from home

Unless requested by the teacher for a special event, we ask that children not bring items from home other than the supplies listed. This includes fidget spinners

Arrival and Departure Times

Parents are able to begin dropping off their children as early as 8:30am, and must pick up at 3:30pm Monday and 2:00 pm on Wednesday. When leaving, please DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO RUN OUT TO YOUR CAR WHILE YOU ARE STILL INSIDE! Our safety rule is "No one outside without their parent (or guardian) with them." . Each day upon arriving the parent must sign their child(ren) in . The same procedure is used to sign the child(ren) out.


If a parent wishes someone other than themselves to pick up their child, they must add their names to registration paperwork or write their name on child's roster the day of pick up. Person(s) on a parent’s release form picking up a child for the first time MUST show ID and give secure pick up code before the child will be released to them.

Medical Emergency

If a medical emergency arises parent will be contacted first, unless doing so endangers the child's life. In that case the necessary steps will be taken, putting the child first (calling 911, doctor, poison control, etc.). If need be, your child will be transported to the nearest hospital and I will contact you from there. Parents are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment.


If your child is in need of special medication, it must be thoroughly labeled and left in the care of the teachers with specific instructions

Educational Responsibility

The Well is a supplemental enrichment program only; parents are completely responsible for their child’s full education. However, we ask that parents assist their child throughout the week in preparing for school days at The Well. There are occasionally assignments that teachers will post. With the exception of middle school, these assignments are always optional but kids will receive rewards for participation.

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