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The Well Homeschool Drop-Off Program

                   Mission Statement:

Deep Calls' exists to raise up a generation of relentless intercessory worshipers who demonstrate God's power through a deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

                            Vision Statement:

A company of worshipers passionately pursuing God’s presence to advance His kingdom on the earth.


                 Worship School                     

for High Schoolers

                     AWAKEN - EQUIP - ASCEND                       

Deep Calls School of Worship (Led by Teresa and Shon Comparin) is a program in partnership with THE WELL. At the School of Worship your student will focus on four primary areas of development*:

1. Theology of Worship

2. Excellence in the Arts

3. Leadership and Musicianship

4. Operating in the prophetic and spontaneous song

*Please note these classes take place 9:00 am to 1:20 pm, see afterschool tab to view add-ons

Though DCWS is a separate track with differing courses than The Well, it operates within THE WELL sharing the same culture, student life events, meetings, and assembly services. In an atmosphere of encounter and focused musical training, students will be equipped for leadership to awaken a generation and make a global impact.

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In GODOLOGY students will study who God is and His divine attributes, character and heart for His worshipers. Through scripture students will learn the rich history of God's people and the wonders He has planned for their future! Students will learn the value of knowing God in worship. Study Topics will include THE EXISTENCE OF GOD, THE NATURE OF GOD, THE WORKS OF GOD and much more.


In ACTIVATE students will get hands on experience in live worship. From singing, playing musical instruments, dance and communications with the congregation, students will learn how to flow with others in the spirit of worship. They will gain an understanding of the preparation for worship and how to minister in unity. Study Topics will include MUSICIANSHIP, TEAMWORK, WORSHIP LEADING, MINISTRY EXCELLENCE and more.


In CORE students will study the I Am curriculum to learn who they are in Christ and how they are uniquely made to glorify God. They will be equipped in the Word of God and given a road map to follow Christ for their life's journey in worship. As they discover their God-given gifts, students will grow in confidence to express their worship of God.


In EXCEL students will learn key concepts and many basic principles of music notation, introduction to meter, major and minor key signatures, intervals triads, scales, octaves, chords, chord inversions, and much more. This class serves as a guide to writing, creating, and producing beautiful music through the power of understanding how it works.


In AMPLI-FI students will study the lifestyle of a worshiper from a scriptural perspective. They will be equipped to overcome challenges and press into their destiny in Christ. Study Topics will include LOVING GOD, THE LIFE OF DAVID, WORD OF GOD, PRAYER and more.

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Monthly Tuition:

$85 per student



Baruch Hashem

16320 Huebner Road

San Antonio, TX 78248

Program Hours:


Partial Day: 9:00am to 1:20pm


After school Options: 

1:20pm- 4:30pm

Private Music Lessons:

1:20pm -3:20pm


Nonrefundable Supply Fee: $105 per child per semester