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Posted March 5th

  • Reminder, please take attendance at the START of class so that if someone is missing we can find them right away. Thank you for your attention in this matter!
  • Please don't forget to click above that you have read the announcements so I know you got them, Thanks! Please remember on culture day, March 26th & 28th to give students the opportunity to share about the culture they chose to represent during lunchtime for those who would like to.
  • We hope you can join us for some of our up and coming events:

March 23rd- Park Day - O.P. Schnabel Park - 9006 Bandera Rd, San Antonio

Its spring time. Enjoy us for some time at the park. Bring a lunch and wear your Well shirt.

March 26th and 28th- Culture Day - The Well

Dress up and/or talk about different culture or your own culture.

March 26th- A Day In Your Home School- The Well

Join us for a home school expo and curriculum sale.

April 12th- San Antonio Zoo - All Ages Welcome - RSVP and payment required by March 26th.

3903 N St. Mary's Street, San Antonio

Cost is $13.00 per person ages 3 and older. Zoo passes will not be accepted for the class. Join us for a Real.Wild.Classroom adventure at the San Antonio Zoo. We will meet at the zoo at 9:30am. The class will go from 9:45-11:15am. After the class you are free to enjoy the zoo until it closes.

Posted Feb 28th

  • I know it's easy to loose track of time, but it is important that we move groups at exactly the right time for our transitions go smoothly. To help with this we are going to have an "end bell" that will go off in addition to the 5 minute warning to help remind everyone that it's time to move. Please listen for this alarm and move at the sound of this alarm, it will sound different than the 5 minute warning alarm
  • Also to ensure a smooth transition, please don't forget to pass on your class count to the teacher accepting your group during a transition.
  • Please make sure the door shuts all the way behind you so it can lock, we are working on securing the building better, similar locks with keys pads will be added to the glass doors in the coming weeks. Our goal is to keep the password the same for all the doors
  • Spring break is coming up the week of March 12th. I hope you have a fun and refreshing time!
  • Thanks for participating in the potluck. We will miss Mrs. Teresa, thanks for making her last day special
  • Reminder there is no food or drink allowed in the sanctuary
  • Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, for the hours you spend planning, for the love you pour into every child, for sharing your gifts to grow God's kingdom... Thank you for giving of yourself so someone else can be blessed. Please know that I am here to support you and be a blessing to you as well. Remember, my door and my heart is always open to hear any needs, questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. We are all growing and serving together for God's Glory!I love you guys! Let's Engage! Equip! Inspire!

Posted February 2nd

  •  We are excited to add Annalise Mendiola and Lizeth Puente to our team! Annalisse will be taking over Teresa's classes and Lizeth will be teaching STEM. Please welcome them to our team!
  • Teresa's official last day teaching is this Wednesday February 14th. She will return for her farewell potluck and "goodbye concert" on the 28th. The "Good-bye Concert" will be put on by her students during choir& drama from 9 am to 10 am and 1 pm to 2 pm. Azaria Priestley in coordinating this event.
  • Please double check that all students have water during lunch. If any child does not have water please provide them with a water bottle from the kitchen fridge. Please make a note for the parent that the child did not have water and was provided with water.
  • Just a reminder If anything happens regarding a student being injured, misbehaving, in a conflict, sick, or other concerns please write a note so we can give the parent this information at pick-up. It can be a handwritten note or you may use the provided form in the teacher portal. If you prefer to speak with a parent in person, please fill out the online form to schedule a conference.
  • This months core value highlight is: L- Love “We display love to all through our actions and words"

Posted January 20th

  • We are adding some cubbies upfront by the sanctuary to place students things in. Any projects that you would have brought to the front and placed on the floor, please put in the labeled cubbies. Hopefully, parents will get in the habit of checking their child's cubby and will result in less projects being left behind each week. :)
  • As some of you may have heard, Teresa will be moving soon:(. We are so grateful for all she has contributed to our team for a year now and we will surely miss her! We will be holding a farewell party for her Feb 26th and 28th along with our Birthday Potluck.
  • Monday Jan 22nd Abigail will be absent so here is the tentative substitute plan. If you foresee any problems with any this plan please let me know ASAP so we can readjust. 

10:15- 10:30 Evelyn 2nd-3rd Recess.

11:40 to 12:40 Terrell Recess k-3rd, Recess 4th-8th

12:40 to 2:00 Evelyn PE (break moved to 11:40-12:10)

2:40 to 3:20 Shannon PE

Also everyone please be sure to take out your trash, sweep and wipe down tables. Thank you everyone for your flexibility and willingness to help fill the gaps! Great teamwork!

Posted December 30th,

Welcome back! We are excited to kick of the Spring Semester January 8th!!!

  • Please turn in fall 2017 receipts and Spring 2018 budget in order to receive a new supply fee check.
  • There will be no changes to the middle school class on Monday, though the class will be small. We have decided to keep it as is, there are a few potential families joining so we may get a few more students in that class. Though we will have them continue to eat lunch together with 4-5th.
  • Remember, you can always check Kidcheck and filter by grade to get a class count. (Except in the classes not split by grade.) Keeping our class count accurate helps us be EXCELLENT in assuring the safety and well being of all the kids in our care!
  • Another way we are aiming for excellence this semester is to improve our communication and keep our families more informed on what is going on in their student's classes. To do this without adding too much burden to our staff, we will occasionally record each teacher giving a brief explanation of whats been going on in their classes and possible supplemental activities for home. We can record during the activity portion of your class and it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes. If you prefer not to be recorded and would rather provide this information in a written format. That works to.
  • Don't forget to check rosters for changes with students. We have adds and drops
  • In case you haven't figured it out yet, our core value for the month is: E- Excellence “We commit to do everything in Excellence as a work unto the Lord.” :) See you next week January 8th and 10th!

Posted December 17th

  • We will have three new students trying out Wednesdays tomorrow. Ethan k-1st, Avery Prek, & Caitlin 4th-8th. They have already joined for Monday so you may have met them last week.
  • To celebrate the end to an awesome semester, We will be having an ice cream party during Music class on Monday and during Drama & Choir class on Wednesday!
  • Art teachers please send home all art work with students this week.
  • So that we can make the Resource room neater and less cluttered for everyone, we will be taking out items that don't seem to get much use. However, we don't want to overlook something that you are actually using, so we will but all the items that we are planning to take out on one of the tables in the fellowship hall. If you see something there that you do use, feel free to take it out of the pile and return it back to the resource room.
  • To help teachers determine if there is outdoor play (since temperature and weather fluctuates throughout the day) A new guideline has been set for outdoor play, "If it's 50 F (including wind chill) and Dry, we can play outside!" (If temperature is under 60 F please make sure kids wear jackets)
  • Because we now have less students in the 6-8th grade class, we will be combining the lunch period for them. They will eat together in 107 (the kitchen room) with Mrs. Charron.
  • Don't forget to bring something for our Christmas & Nov-Dec Birthday Potluck! If you would like to participate in a gift exchange bring one wrapped gift ($5-$10) and sit it on the gift table in the office. Once all the gifts are on the table, If you brought a gift, pick up a gift at the end of the day or during potluck. Additionally, we will have gift baskets available to drop off gifts to teachers individually. November & December birthdays: Sonya (Nov 2nd), Charron (Nov 17th), Kara (Dec 19th) & Heather (Dec 31st), Also we are celebrating perfect attendance for Shannon and Martha! Thanks so much for being here every single day this semester! When one of us is down, the other holds us up. Thanks for all of you who have helped out when some of our team was missing. It's a group effort!
  • I am looking forward to our meetings this week! Mid year meeting are a great time for us to connect, evaluate where you are at, discuss what is important to you, and talk about any adjustments we can make to help our team succeed in all we do!
  • Monday 12/18      9:10 am - 9:30am  Christi B.              11:40 pm - 12:00 pm Martha
  • Wed 12/20            9:10 am - 9:30 am Charron          9:30am to 9:50 am Shannon                                                               10:00 am - 10:20 am Teresa       10:30am to 10:50am Rebekah                                                               2:10 pm - 2:30 pm Heather         3:00 pm - 3:20pm Eduardo                                          Wed 1/10           10:30 am - 10:50 am Sue   

Posted Dec 1st

  • Kyle Chee will not be in k-1st on Wednesdays after all. He will remain in preschool
  • Preschool will practice with Drama in sanctuary 9:50 am to 10:00 am on Dec 13th.
  • Teacher Nov-Dec Birthdays & Christmas Potluck is scheduled for December 18th & 20th 11:30 to 2:30 (come and go during breaks & before/after shift). Sign up what you are bringing on the GroupMe the week prior.
  • Please check online roster for weekly updates and upcoming changes (adds & drops). Changes with student's classes will no longer be listed in teacher announcements. The online roster will always be the most current. Paper rosters in folders are printed monthly.
  • Please remember we have a no cell phone policy (for personal use) during work hours.
  • The next three weeks we will be doing midyear conferences. Please see schedule below and let me know if you need a different time.

Monday 12/4       11:40 am- 12:00 pm Tarrell               2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Martha

Monday 12/11      9:30 am - 9:50 am Evelyn              10:40 am - 11:00 am Kara

                            11:40 am- 12:00 pm Donna

Wed 12/13           1:00 pm - 1:20 pm Rebekah             1:30 pm - 1:50 pm Sonya

Monday 12/18      9:10 am - 9:30am Christi B.              2:30 pm - 2:50 pm Shannon                                                                       3:00 pm - 3:20 pm Teresa

Wed 12/20            9:10 am - 9:30 am Charron             2:10 pm - 2:30 pm Heather

                             3:00 pm - 3:20pm Eduardo

Wed 1/10             10:30 am - 10:50pm Sue

  • How was your month? What can we pray for? Please fill out the new form added to the teacher portal: Monthly Check-in so that we may know how we can serve you and pray for you. :) Thanks !
  • When transitioning a group it is mandatory to follow the listed procedures for transitions. For your convenience, these procedures have been posted by most all classroom doors. 

Transition procedure

Upon exiting..

  • 1.Count Count all students in your classroom
  • 2.Match- Match that number with last roll call taken (numbers should match)
  • 3.Move- to new location
  • 4. Count Again- Give number to new teacher you are dropping student off with
  • 5. Call- New teacher counts and calls roll at the start of class (number should match drop off teacher's number)
  • 6. Check- Teacher checks for missing students (radio/kidcheck)

Posted Nov 15th

  • There has been an unanticipated change with our team. Ms. Kathy, who taught Monday k-1st and Wednesday STEM, will no longer be teaching these classes due to personal reasons. We anticipate to have a permanent teacher for these classes by January, however Ms. Shannon and Ms. Susan will be filling in for the meantime. Thank you for your continued prayers as we trust God for his direction and seek out the best candidate.
  • Please check roll at the beginning of class and go by the rosters. We had another child in the wrong class last week. If any names seem wrong on the roster please call for assistance right then so we can clear up any confusion.
  • Great job on transitions! They went much smoother this week. Thank you for staying on top of the time!
  • Stickers and Ants: please look out for the stickers and ants in the playground. Though we are doing are best to eliminate them, they are hard to get rid of. Please watch carefully when kids are outside and avoid any activities that have them sitting/laying on the ground. Also, make sure they do not leave backpacks, jackets, lunchboxes, etc. on the ground outside.
  • We are adding some new upper level coursed to The Well for the 18-19 school year. Please see "The Academy" for details. If you are interested in teaching any of these classes please let me know.
  • We have two kids who are Mondays that are being added to Wednesday, too. Jacob and Kyle Chee. Kyle is going to try out k-1st. and Jacob is in 3rd.
  • We will be having a group play rehearsal 12/6 and 12/13. This will mean all the students will practice together in the Sanctuary 9am to 10am. Those two weeks STEM for 4th through 8th will take place 1pm to 2pm in the Fellowship Hall instead of at 9 am.
  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving Team! See you on the 27th and/or 29th! It will be Pajama day!

Posted Nov 11th

  • Hooray for clocks! I have purchased small digital clocks for every classroom folder, so we can all be on the same time. These clocks will all be set the same and we will use these as the official time for The Well. It is crucially important we stay on top of the time and transition at the correct times. We want to be respectful of everyone's time and space by making sure switches are not too late or too early.
  • Please don't forget to submit a parent-teacher note through the parent portal if you have to take corrective action with a student. Parents want to know this information, so we need to communicate it to them at the end of the school day. Written notes are acceptable as well, if preferred. When time out is needed, the guideline is 5- 7 minutes for students k-3rd and 7-10 minute for students 4th-8th
  • Aiden Miller is moving up to 4th grade next week as requested by his parents. After last week, they felt the 2nd-3rd grade class is a little too young for him and would like for him to try out being with 4th graders. Let me know if this seems to be a good fit for him.
  • I care about what you care about! Let me know you ideas, desires, questions, comments, and concerns! Fill out a general request form, send an email or schedule a one on one conference to share your thoughts. Everybody's contribution matters. We are a team. If one hurts, we all hurt!
  • I have purchased "Eggspert Buzzers", a buzzer for quizzing games. If anyone would like to use it please fill out a general request form to use it for your class.
  • Please don't forget to check out this month's core value ! This month's focus: Teamwork! Thanks!

Posted Nov 5th

  • Please note there are new students, please see the roster for details.
  • Please keep a careful watch on students at all times. We must make sure to be 100% attentive. Supervision: WWL... Walk... walk around the area you are supervising so that you can see all students. Watch.. watch all students in your care... Listen.. Listen to conversations as you are walking
  • The printer has been relocated to the office.
  • Don't forget to click above to show you have read these announcements! Thanks!

Posted October 28th

  • Please note that one of our parents, Stephen and Annabell's mom (they attend Monday), requsted her children not be pressured when it comes to writing due to some learning challenges and apprehension they are facing. She has requested that they be encouraged but not pressured.
  • In clarification of our policies regarding student participation, while we do aim for 100% student participation, if a student is having difficulty or is unwilling to participate in a class or activity, please send over a parent communication form. We will talk to their parents to determine a course of action. We are not the student's primary teacher and are only here to provide enrichment and support, so we respect the parent's perspective and decision on the matter as long as we are able to reasonably accommodate their request.
  • Time flies and with such great activities planned each week, I know you don't want your students to miss out on any of it, so please keep in mind lecture time is about 1/3 of the class period to allow the remaining 2/3 of the class period to be interactive. This is so we may live up to our core values: "We engage eager learners with exciting opportunities" and "We play as we learn, we learn to play."
  • Unless it's an emergency, please do not allow students into the resource room. When possible please try to gather all supplies prior to class or you may call for an assistant to bring supplies if needed.
  • The new books have been organized in the resource room for your convenience. Check out our great fall books, interesting educational books and heart-warming animal stories! Please return books when finished for others to enjoy.
  • Please don't forget to send over a general request form for all edits to lesson plans so we may keep the website as accurate as possible
  • Please help preserve trees as well as our supply fund by being mindful of printing limits. Printing limits are 1 page per student per week.
  • Hooray! We are now giving bucks for healthy lunches. So what is considered a healthy lunch? We will consider a healthy lunch to contain at least 1 fruit, majority wholesome foods and no more than one junk food item (candy,sweets, chips, soda, pizza, etc.). The person with the most health food items would be the winner of the second buck for the "healthiest lunch".
  • Sadly, last week a child missed one of her classes and had to attend another class twice because roll was not taken properly. Please, please, please remember to take roll at the BEGINNING of your class and call for any missing students on your radio if they are present in Kidcheck admin app. If you don't have kidcheck or can't load it for some reason just call for someone to come to your class to verify this for you. We take the safety and well being of our students very seriously and thus roll check is not a place we can fall short.
  • You can also help keep our students safe by inquiring on the necessary safety requirements for activities involving fire, chemicals, sharp objects, explosives, animals or hazardous materials. Please use the general request form to for this as well.
  • Also for safety, the glass doors will remain locked during school hours. There will be a hidden key on a blue string behind the yellow mat on the wall next to prek for emergency exit of that building. For emergency exit of other building we would use the back door down the hall or the sanctuary exits. This is hopefully temporary, until we can get keypad locks.

Posted October 22nd

  • This Wednesday and Monday next week is store day during recess.
  • Also this Wednesday and next Monday Students are allowed to dress up for History day and speak about who they are dressed up as during lunch
  • Students are now able to earn a buck for bringing a healthy lunch and healthiest lunch in the room gets 2 bucks. Please remind students no sharing food.
  • Students may also recite their bible point and verse during lunch or recess. They get a buck for the bible verse and one for the bible point. You may find out more about these by clicking lesson plans in the parent portal, then clicking Devotional
  • Students will also be able to fill out a chart called R.A.S.E to excellence. (Link under lesson plans) to earn additional bucks. Please see morning assembly to see all the things students may earn bucks for.
  • You may now click “ Buck Bank” in the teacher portal to view the amount of bucks each student has. Remember if you are out of bucks you can add them electronically using the general request form
  • Also please remember to use the general request form for checking out items in the resource room, requesting to use an alternate or additional space, reporting incidents with students, or for other request unspecified. All request can be made using this form

Posted: October 11th

  • Music teachers, please be mindful of notifying teachers when you are taking students. Also a music schedule has been added your classroom folders
  • Birthday potluck is this week! Bring a dish or potato topping and enjoy a fun time. This will be set up in the office from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy food and fellowship during your break or before/after your shift.
  • Please be sure to check that the designated recess monitor is outside prior to dropping off your students outside. This is necessary for every transition. Make sure that the other teacher is present before leaving student. 

Posted: October 5th

Thank you all for your dedicated care to all of our students. Wonderful job last week. You all are awesome!!!

  • We now have a layout page for the Resource room here on the website in the Teacher Portal. It lists all our supplies and where they can be found. When using resources, please don't forget to return them to their proper location. Also please remember to check out supplies using the general request form if you will be taking something home. Also, if you notice something needs to be refilled/replaced you can fill out the general request form to let us know.
  • If you are the last person in the room for the day, please dump your trash into the large trash can in the kitchen, wipe down your tables, return items to resource room and leave your classroom neat and in order
  • Please look over the signs the students use (such as restroom, tissue and water) so you are able to recognize them when they are using them (you can find them in your classroom and in morning assembly link in the parent portal)
  • Please look over the volume level chart we teach the students in morning assembly (also posted in the classroom). Informing students on the level they should be at is more optimal than constantly telling them to be quiet. Because our goal is to keep our students engaged and interacting, It is reasonable that students be told to stay between one and three during the majority of the class, and zero during the 10 to 15 minute lecture portion of your class.
  • In addition to the tasty things you are planning to bring to our potluck, we will be having a potato bar! Not sure what to bring? How about your favorite potato toppings to share! Potatoes will be provided.
  • For those who can join us, we do prayer every Monday & Wednesday at 9 am, and also at 2:00 pm on Wednesday. Additionally, I am always happy to pray with you individually if those times don't work.    

Posted: October 1st

Excellent job last week team! If you weren't here we missed you, but special thanks to all of you who stepped in and filled the gaps wherever needed! Excellent job on transitions also, Thank you so much for doing your part to keep our students safe! Also I want to pass on the many compliments I receive from students and their parents regarding your classes. You are making a difference in the lives of so many families! Each of you are a vital part of our team!

  • Please be careful to release your students from class on time, not late or early. It is very important that we all stay on schedule for smooth transitions. I realize that our clocks are not synced which may present a challenge, so in order to keep us all on the same time, we will refer to the current local time as listed in . Please adjust your classroom clocks accordingly
  • Please do not release students to their next class unsupervised. This includes after school activities. Students must be escorted to their next class or released directly to their parent or authorized pick up person after having been signed out through Kid Check. Please direct parents to check out prior to releasing the student. If you need assistance transferring student please call on the radio.
  • We are having our first Quarterly Team Birthday Potluck on October 16th & 18th during lunchtime. We will be celebrating all August through October birthdays and have an opportunity to fellowship. Please bring something to share. We are looking forward to this time of fellowship. Please note we do have a teacher with a gluten and dairy allergy, so it would be nice to have some gluten and dairy free options. Post what you are bringing to The Well Teachers Group Me App.
  • Have a need? We want to pray from you! Always feel free to post your prayer needs to the Teacher Group, we will lift these up individually as well as during out group prayer time for teachers on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Please do not forget to double check name tags for parent notes. If parents have special instructions for their child for that day (for example: no PE today, injured hand, etc) They are written into the notes section during kidcheck. This information is then printed onto the label. In order to make it easier to identify which students have parent notes that date, we will highlight the note.
  • Don't forget to use the classroom signs & attention getter! These are here to help your class run smoothly with minimal interruptions. The students practice them every week during assembly, so they should be very familiar with them by now.
  • The core values in action link is up and running again, sorry for the glitch. This month we will be exploring: W- Worship “We live a life that exemplifies our faith & invite others to follow”.
  • Don't forget to check parent announcements also

Posted: September 24th

  • Great job with transitions. They were greatly improved last week. Good job remembering to     1.Count                                                                                                                                         2.Match- Match number with last roll call from previous teacher                                                     3.Move to new location                                                                                                                           4. Count Again                                                                                                                                         5. Call- New teacher calls roll at the start of class and check kid check for missing students
  • Please be careful about putting radios in pockets. Many are getting bent up. Clips are available if needed
  • Reminder this week is career day. Allow students to share about their career during lunch. Also this week is store day AND WILL BE AT RECESS INSTEAD OF LUNCH. Please dont forget to assign store helpers
  • We do have one parent sharing Wednesday at 9:00 or during lunch.
  • Please don't forget to give out reward bucks. 1 to 2 bucks per student per class is the average for Monday, and on Wednesday aim for 2 to 3 since the students are rotating through less classes.
  • Please be respectful of music lessons and do not disturbs oinstructors/students during their lessons
  • Don't forget to click above that you have read these announcements!

Posted: September 17

  • Hey Team! Great job with everything you have been doing to Engage our students. Loved Kathy's Magnetic slime, Terrell's castle defense, Charron's great stories to explain using gestures and beautiful tile paintings, Martha's fun Spanish Christmas Song, Teresa's fun rhythm game to learn 4/4 time, Heather's auditions, Donna's neat outdoor game to learn powers using a rope, Kara's using clothes to teach seasons, Susan & Sonya's attentive care, Christi's amazing dance moves, Shannon excellent work with posting all the lessons, Abigail's fun capture the flag game, Evelyn's dramatic play and so so much more! You all are AMAZING!!!
  • Please remember to put things back neatly in the resource room after you use them.
  • Next Monday & Wednesday is career day. Please allow students to share about their career during their lunchtime. Also, if we have any parent volunteers, we may have parents sharing about their career the first 10-15 minutes of the first class and also during lunch.
  • This Monday & Wednesday we will be taking class pictures during recess. We would like for teachers to be in the pictures also. If possible, please be present out on the playground the first 10 minutes of recess each recess for the picture.
  • Reminder, lunchtime is free time. Please do not teach lessons during lunch time.
  • Lesson plans are now posted. Please review your class' lesson plans and let me know if any corrections need to be made. We want to make sure they are accurate as possible.
  • For those of you who were asking for a more natural disinfectant, I have bought a botanical based cleaning spray. It will be in the resource room. Please return it there when done. There are two bottles
  • Last week we had a student left behind on the playground. It is absolutely essential that we follow the MANDATORY procedure for moving students 1) Count 2) Match w/roll sheet 3)Move 4) Count again. Upon arrival the new teacher then takes roll at the start of class and verifies missing students are absent by checking kid check app. This is our 3 point check system to make sure we don't lose any students in transition.
  • We are still having issues with some of our transitions, particularly Monday afternoon and Wednesday. We have had groups left waiting for several weeks now. Please look over the Schedule and pay attention to where it says "Movers" if your name is listed there it means you are responsible for picking that group up from where they are (the previous class listed) and taking them to where they go (the class beside where your name is listed). If you have any questions about this please let me know. Please note that the paper may have been cut off in some of the folders. If so, you will need to refer to the online copy until we get that reprinted correctly. 

Posted: September 10th, 2017 

  • Sickness is on the up rise, so please take the following protective measures to try to minimize the spread of germs: 1) wipe down tables, toys or other shared materials with Clorox wipes or Thieves spray. 2) If you notice a student in your class displaying symptoms of a contagious illness, please move them away from the other students and call for an assistance. 3) Remind students to wash their hands and sanitize. Classroom sanitizer will be provided.
  • Picture day is NEXT Monday. We will be taking class pictures during recess/lunch. We would like for all the teachers to be part of the picture so if you are not usually here during the lunch hour (on the day you teach) please do make plans to be around, so you won't miss out on the picture. :)
  • Great job on transitions, Team! Everyone has been doing a great job with counting when moving, taking roll at the start of class and then determining if students are missing/absent with the KidCheck App. Thank you!!!
  • Please don't forget to look over our new Core Values in Action Page , Movers on the Schedule, and learn classroom signs in Morning Assembly !
  • All supplies (from general request forms) are in.
  • Please look over the Production Link in the Teacher Portal to stay current on what's going on with production. If you have an assignment/role it will be listed in this document. Music, dance and instrument teachers please add the names of the pieces/songs your students will be performing.  

Posted: September 5th, 2017

  • When assigning student jobs, please rotate to new students each week so that all students get a chance.
  • Please double check that you did not take any radios home by accident. We are missing a few.
  • Please be careful when students are outside during PE/Recess. Several students have experienced skin irritation after coming into contact with the grass or plants, and there are also many burrs. Please remind students to not touch the plants, unless you have instructed them it is safe to do so, and tell them to avoid touching or sitting down in the grass.
  • Please look over where it says movers on the schedule. If your name is listed under “Mover” on the schedule you are responsible for picking up that class from where they are at and taking them to where they are supposed to be. Please look over this on the Parent/Teacher Portal under “Schedules” prior to the school day so you will be able to execute transitions smoothly and on time. A lot of time is wasted when classes are just sitting in transition unsure who is supposed to do what. Also, by looking over it prior to the school day you can let me know ahead of time if you see any potential glitches that need to be worked out. Because transitions may need to change for various reasons it’s important to review it weekly. The most updated copy will always be online, though we work diligently to keep the folder copies up to date as well. But if the two ever differ, go with online.
  • Remember when you are moving students please

1. Count the kids

2. Match the number with your Attendance sheet

3. Move to the new location

4. Count Again

5. Drop off students with the new teacher (Never leave students unattended . If the next teacher is not present call for them on the radio)

  • To help us keep in step with our core values, I have added a new page to the teacher portal entitled “Core Values in Action”. Here you will find a new topic monthly. This month we are discussing the following Core Value: “We engage eager learner with exciting opportunities”                                     You will find tips on how to better keep your students engaged, especially during the lecture portion of your class. Please look over these and utilize them as you see fit and please feel free to share more ideas to add to the page. 

Posted: August 27

  • Please allow students time to share about the animal or their choice during their lunch period. Please note that some students will have toy/stuffed animals for Animal Day. If they are distracting to the class, you may ask them to put them away.
  • Please be sure to review the signs explained to the students during Morning Assembly so that you can utilize them in your classroom and recognize them when the students use them. You can find these using the Morning Assembly link.
  • Please download Google Translate to your phones to help communicate with our new Mandarin-speaking student
  • Due to weather conditions and the first day of NISD, we will be starting school at 9:30am on Monday 8/28 allowing for plenty of time for safe travel. Please pick up your class from the sanctuary at 9:40am. Schedule will resume from 9:40am (skipping the first class).

Posted: August 20 (Updated: August 27)

  • Please make sure to bring your w-4, employment identity verification (2 forms of identification), and bank account information ASAP if you have not done so already.
  • Make sure to sign in and out using Kidcheck. We have licensed another computer to avoid the line.
  • We have a new child who will be attending Monday & Wednesday. He will will be in 1st grade on Mondays and 2nd grade on Wednesdays. He is Mandarin speaking. He currently does not speak much English. He was recently adopted, and his mom is homeschooling him and hoping that by placing him in an English speaking environment he will pick up the language quickly and make friends. In order to help him with this "emergent approach", he will carry an ipad in a kid shell that gives him access to google translate (without accessing other applications). He will be allowed to keep this on his desk and use it to assist him in communicating. Additionally, so he doesn't feel alone, we are going to pair him with a buddy, who can assist him in leaning English simply by pointing to various objects and saying them in English during free time. We do not formally have an ESL program, and I understand that this may be challenging, so if you are having difficulty having him in your class please let me know and we can see what adjustments need to be made. His mom is aware we are doing this on a trial basis, praying that we can accommodate his needs!  

Posted: August 13 (Updated August 27)

  • Remember when using the radio, press and hold when you talk and state your name and location clearly. Remember to bring your radio with you when you travel. Please check that your radios is set on 7 , and turned up loud enough to hear
  • Please look over schedule carefully and pay close attention to where it says "Movers". If your name is listed in this column it means that you are responsible for picking up those students from the their last class and bringing them to their next class. If you are transitioning students don't forget to look for the students designated as line leader, door holder and caboose. Ask the teacher for the count. Verify the count. Move the group and count again.
  • Class folders are ready and will be available in every classroom. Remember to use class rosters to check roll and fill out roll sheet in folder after every transition. Class folders also have building map, emergency exit instructions and schedules. Please familiarize yourself with this information. These folders must stay in the classroom they are labeled for.
  • If a parent is trying to check in/ out throughout the day please send them to KidCheck station or you may check them out using the KidCheck app.
  • Reward Bucks can be found in the small class container. Award on average 1 to 2 bucks per student per class. If you are out of bucks, fill out a bank form